Friday, October 2, 2015


ARITAR, a place bestowed with rich cultural, historical significance, exotic nature and ethnic people, has inspired me to take keen interest and ponder further into the prosperity of Sikkim. Observing things that happen around me in my daily life and capturing it with my camera has now become my biggest passion. It not only helps me to cherish the moment but also becomes a medium of letting our young people understand the value of our place.  I always remember these lines which I had  read during my early days, which says "As long as you hold fast to your tradition, the key of prison is in your hand"

Monday, September 28, 2015



DATE: 27/09/2015

Why Indra Jatra is celebrated?

Indra Jatra is a vibrant festival celebrated by Nepalese "NEWAR" community. It is belived that many centuries ago, Indra (king of Heaven)’s mother needed specially scented flowers (Parijat). Indra looked for them but could not find them in heaven. Indra discovered Parijat flowers in the Kathmandu Valley and tried to steal them for his mother. He was caught and imprisoned by people in the Valley. Indra’s mother came searching for him and people were shocked to know what they had done. They released Indra and dedicated one of the most colourful festivals of Nepal to him to calm down his anger. This festival lasts for eight days with singing, mask dancing and jubilation. Various masked dances like Pulu Kishi(elephant dance ), Lakhe, Sawa Bhakhu and Mahakali dances are performed at various places. Indra is thanked for the rains and assured once again that he is respected in the Kathmandu Valley.

We also come to hear another version of belief for the celebration of Indra Jatra which remarks that the "NEWAR" community, intimately linked the festival as devotees giving thanks to Lord Indra for rains, good crops and good harvest.

This festival has been officially declared as a State Holiday in Sikkim by the Government.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lampokhari, My Paradise.

Amidst the serene air
Where chirping of birds echoes in my ear.
The mighty Himalaya halos your divinity.
Verdent hills ornament thy with florescent flowers.
Such are the beauties of your mighty grandeur.

As the sun peeps from the distant horizon,
Fairy rays of arrows outpour from the heavenly quiver.
The ducks shiver and paddle, releasing streams of ripples
And glimmers you in the dazzling light of silver.

As I linger around your bending brink,
Gentle wind whispering words of creed.
a trance from sordid life and human dearth
I walk away from the pathos of dubious earth.

I get lured in the prophecies of silent breeze.
Is it real or am I walking on the stairway of heaven?
If such is thy beauty where people are mesmerised,
Why would anyone desire to fancy an unseen paradise?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ST.JOSEPH’S PARISH, RHENOCK-ARITAR, EAST SIKKIM Historical Background of Establishment

God has plan and priority. It was in 1951, Late Fr. Leonard Molomu a diocesan priest from Pedong , made the first attempt to spread the Gospel of Christ in Sikkim. At that time the entire Kalimpong sub-division was under Canon Regular fathers from St. Maurice Abbey, Switzerland. The  mission was being run by erecting  Apostolic Prefecture of Sikkim and much to our knowledge there were no catholic church and other establishments in Sikkim. Sikkim was forbidden land for foreigners . Fr. Molomu  ventured to penetrate this forbidden land via Rhenock. He started a formal school at Rhenock Bazar ( Present Police station site). But God has a plan for Rhenock but not the PRIORITY. Fr. Molomu had to shift this mission to Pakyong.
In 1955, Mr. Puspa Kumar Pradhan a descendant of Tintaley House got married with  Rose Mary Pradhan daughter of Late George Pradhan ( father of Henry Sir) of Pedong. They were the first catholic couple in the entire Rhenock-Aritar area. In 1982, I was in Gangtok Teachers’ Training Institute from where I was promoted as head of Institution of Rhenock Sr. Secondary School. Now at least we were two catholic households . Later on the families of Mr. Dawa(justin) Sherpa & Mr. John Khawas joined us. We used to attend mass services either at Sacred Heart Church Pedong OR Christ the King Church Pakyong. It was for the first time we had Mass service at Mr. P.K Pradhan’s House in 1983. Fr. Alphonse Lingdamo who happened to be the Parish Priest of Pakyong  visited  us  from time to time. By the time two more households as catechumen joined us and it has become necessary to establish a mission centre. Late Philomena Pradhan mother of Mr. P.K Pradhan donated a small plot of land . Fr. Edu Sanges , the PP of Pakyong helped us to erect a chapel in this donated land in 1986. ( The present church structure is the same chapel with slight modifications).   Rt.Rev. Eric Benjamin, late Bishop of Darjeeling Diocese blessed this chapel dedicating the same to St. Joseph, the patron saint of workers on the 1st May 1986. Since then this house of worship meets the spiritual need of more than 30 families.
Late Bishop Eric had rightly remarked that it is through education apostolate Christ could be made known to the people of Sikkim. An effort has been made to established an English Medium school. While Mr. P.K Pradhan & myself in process for acquiring a suitable plot of land, the diocese installed Rev. Fr. Rene Singh  as Parish Priest of Rhenock-Rongli quasi parish in 1993. A three-roomed house belonging to Mr. P.K Pradhan was rented as priest residence near to the chapel. Under the guidance of Fr. Rene, the PP, we detected a plot of land at Chandra Nursery. We approached Late M.P Pradhan ( Ex-Chief Secretary) who in spite of his reluctance agreed to sale more than 7 acres of land holding for school purpose. Some non-catholic brethren from Rhenock bazar extended their valuable cooperation in acquiring this land, the prominent personality is Mr. R.K Pradhan . Rev. Fr. Rene was successful in getting fund  from Germany and constructed a Multi purpose church-cum –priest’s residence in this newly acquired land which was registered in the name of St. Joseph School. The school started functioning with 41 students in 1994.  
In 1997 the Cluny Provincialate of Kalimpong  belonging to St. Joseph Cluny congregation erected a convent with three sisters ( Srs. Mary Matilda, Maria Goreti, Yevone).These nuns were a new experience for the people of Rhenock Area. They served not only the school but parish also . Presently they are preparing children and catechumen for sacraments, lead mata samaj, and helping parishioners for spiritual build up by weekly house visit & participating in SCC meetings.

                                                                                    Compiled by
                                                                                    Mr. Isaac Mukhia